Monday, August 28, 2006

Fear and Respect

I gotta hand it to the community, you can scare me and also earn a ton of respect from me too.

I'm sure many of you understand that around this time, we've had a major event take place involving Joker. And frankly, it scared me on what the community might do.

I dont know if some of you people realize this, but you are very passionate when it comes to SWG and the SWGEmu. I've noticed this alot when dealing with some of our more active members and some of those a little over-active that I have to tell you to shut up some times. (You know who you are!)

So when I mean sometimes you scare me, I'll give you an example of it.

The upcoming PDXLan event being held in my home state will be bringing people from all over not only Oregon, but all over the US and even CANADA! Thats incredible!

And then reality hits me, I know i've made a few of you mad at me. Mainly those who i've banned for being just a little too active, or those who i've had to say "Shut up, i've heard it 20 million times already, use the damn search button!" and I remember that passionate people can be fairly scary too. As in "Ooh, I know Audune is going to the PDXLan, I'm going to, going to sneak in and while he's playing, I'm going to hit him with my SWG box that I filled with concrete, and i'm going to nail him right in the back of the head!"

Yeah, I kinda think someone will be doing that. Though I suppose I have to chalk that one up for my general distrust for people. Which I'm not sure if thats my fault or some of my ex-girlfriends, hehe.

(I'm still skeptical on having a shared hotel room with people i've never met before too.)

There are some people who have earned my respect compleatly and I would trust with just about everything I have. Xeno I think I could connect to the most, he is a year younger than me, and I have a few friends who are his age too that are starting off in life just like he is. Ramsey, also around my age, been a great person to have around, I'll even let him touch my mouse without its condom on it at PDXLan! (Its a joke, and i'm talking about my computer mouse, not the other thing you put condoms on....)

I think I talk to Berix the most, he was a great teacher when I was learning mIRC coding, though he still wont let me take a look at Pinky's coding >.<

Hrm..I seem to be ranting, hehe.

(Gets back on the track of mind he was going for) Thinking cap, ON!

The community though, you have surprised me.

The theft of the communitys donations I wasn't sure on what to do. I felt that you guys would totally abandon us, not only that but I'd problably never be able to use the name Audune again (a few other people use the name Audune, and thats to be expected, but none of them are quite like me =3 )

But, After reading 10 pages of your posts, I'm glad we told you, and many of you are going through the system, getting returns or reversals on your donations and some of you are even redonating even twice what you originally donated!

That alone makes me feel absolutly fuzzy inside.

With luck, we will have a new dedicated server up and running for testing, and FEAR too for you fans of that. We need more people to play with us on FEAR too, me and Ramsey need all the practice we can cram if we are going to get anywhere in the tournament at the PDXLan event hehe.

The Radio program is still in works too, and I made a post on the IRC on the beginning stages of the Jedi Quest i'm working on. A lot of my work as is is just my thought processes on whats going to be made availible to suit people's wants and needs to have an acceptable way to obtain the Jedi skill trees.

See, it really does pay off to be on the IRC channel than troll the forums =P Just please show respect while in there, the IRC channel is much like our home, except we have the entire extended family visiting. All ethnic backgrounds, sexs, ideologys, ages, and anything else visit our home, and we want it to be as clean and inviting to everyone.

(PS - I do understand the need to swear sometimes, but dont use it excessively and dont use slurs or slang or whatever. I WILL kick you to begin with, then kill, then ban. However, if you are purposly pushing that ladder of punishment, I'll skip it compleatly and do what I see is fit)

Well i've ranted long enough.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

SWGEmu Summit + PDXLAN

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Emu Radio + Audune's Quest

We thought it might be fun to host a radio program off our Dedicated Server, and during the broadcast (which will host anything from my computer, which could be anything from Family Guy to the Noir Soundtrack) every so often, for $5 for 3-5 days, we could have a little custom ad play for different servers.

The money will go towards funding the dedicated server.

The Ad's (which details on length, content, and other such things will be announced later) will play in between song tracks, through out the day, at times to be announced later.

We will have a queue set up so that we dont have like 20 different servers all on the same day (I'm looking at maybe 5 different servers a day) and so its spaced out evenly.

Details for this will come soon (when I'm not feeling lazy and not at work)


I'm starting on a special edition quest for the Jedi unlock. The idea being is that people who want a new custom idea for their server can use this in place of the Hologrind/village methods.

I'll release documentation on the basic outline of the quests, and the more intricate details (like the actual walkthrough) will be kept hidden and with luck, encrypted. That way we all have a fair shot at discovering the path. (Well except me of course, since I'm writing it.)

The Public documentation will house things like overall process of the quests, without (hopefully) revealing too much info on how to complete it all. I do ask that whoever does run a server, to not actually reveal the info to the players, because its meant to be fun and people who write walkthroughs just spoil that.

I'll release the plans through a series of Chapters, which in the end will form the complete story. This will involve the entire, story driven, path to Jedi from Force Sensitive to Padawan. Then later chapters I'll make a story hopefully that will take you up to Jedi Knight. Then Master.

Wish me luck =/

Monday, August 07, 2006

Beaten like a fish

Title explains how I feel...I'm sure some can guess about what.

In other news, the store is up and I havn't actually ordered one myself, so whoever has ordered, you literally are getting 1st Edition shirts, please leave me some feedback on the forums PM or PM me on IRC (and you better PM me about the shirts or I'm going to hurt you) and tell me what you think of them.

Also, my computer was finally delivered to me, and I got it pieced together and I have to tell ya, those 64bit processors rock. Hopefully I'll get XP64 installed soon. I saw some demo videos about the power you get when you go 64, and I'm impressed beyond belief.

PS. My internal goal is a post on the blog at least a few times a week, however I've noticed when I set "goals" for things, I often dont have the time I thought I would to do them =/

My Change in Attitude

Hi folks, I just wanted to weigh in on this as well. Before I give my own opinion on the topic I would like to remind everyone of a few things.

1.) Almost none of the developers and moderators of SWGEMU have ever met in person. We only know each other as you know us... from the SWGEMU project.

2.) None of us are being paid to do this. We are all donating our time to this project and have pledged to keep it that way to each other, to you the community, and to LA/SOE.

3.) This is a BIG community. We have people from all over the world, from all age groups, and from all walks of life. Please keep that in mind when reading someone's post or when dealing with someone on the IRC.

4.) People come and people go. Nobody "owns" this project. Some of the people who started the SWGEMU project have since left and have since been replaced with new people. This project will continue as long as there is interest in it. Regardless of who is involved with it.

5.) We are being watched. There has been much discussion both on our forums and on the IRC regarding the legality of this project. Most of which is trivial. If LucasArts feels that anything we are doing is "objectionable" to them then they reserve the right to shut it down. Let's be honest with each other here. NOBODY is going to take on LucasArts in a legal battle such as this.

I have also been concerned with the overall treatment of our community. Before I even joined the team I could sense there was a lack of tolerance regarding certain types of people. However, this isn't a commercial product and the SWGEMU team has no official obligation to anyone so I didn't feel any of it was out of line.

For me personally this is an escape from my real life. I have a normal development job, a wife, a soul-crushing mortgage, two spoiled kids, two German cars, etc. etc. etc. I try to conduct myself as best as possible but after working all day and dealing with my children all afternoon I'm pretty much done with the good behavior. Don't get me wrong, I'm not looking to be a jerk to anyone but please don't expect me to treat this as a second job.

I don't feel like the members of our community are customers of SWGEMU. I feel that they are fans of SWG just like I am.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

A change in attitude

Were well aware of our shortcomings in hospitality when it comes to newbies on the forum. We have discussed this in the developers channel and have made decisions on how we are to handle situations on the forum that require moderation, and do so in a way to premote confidance for users to post without the fear of being squelched and flamed. I have removed the forum "The squelched". I personally made the decision to put a forum up like that, but as of now, view it as a mistake.

Users that post questions already answered will be pointed in the right direction, as it is quite unfair to be greeted with hostile remarks on a new forum. I do ask that existing community members help the moderations/public relations section of the team ease navigation of the project with new members. This includes IRC as well.

Please voice the problems you see with how we handle the community, and what we can do to improve the experience of new, and existing members.
The entire team will seriously take your input into consideration. PLEASE speak openly, but remain civilized.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Cleaning it up

Today I went through both the support pages, and the Public Discussion pages, and cleared out combined around 10 pages worth, trying to catch those two up to at least June....

Unfortuantly, on the Public Discussion, there is still 14 pages.

This could mean a few things, but one thing I noticed is that there is a serious lack of using the Search button....

Also, I had to deal with a flamer, abusive language, and a couple other things...and I've only been awake for 3 hours.

Also, unrelated to the project, Berix uploaded a short fraps vid of Flatout2, and a very interesting game of using a car to dodge what seem like large cardboard cutouts of football players that you are suppose to dodge to line your car up to the Fieldgoal, and launch a person to score a goal. Needless to say, I'm considering modding my truck for such an event

Friday, August 04, 2006

I am the pwn sauce..

Just thought I'd make sure everyone knew that I was the pwn sauce.

And thanks for all the donations! Its been awesome.

We will be able to get our server soon!

(and beer pot and hookers). :)

Hi from the Database guys...

Hey guys,
figured I'd chime in as well, and toss a /wave from all of us at the Datapack team...

As a short update, there's alot of new things coming down the pipe, there's a fully revised schema for the emu coming very soon, that will enable both the dev team as well as any future administrators to better control their servers.

The new schema will feature item, character and account rentention which will grant the ability to undelete items and characters.

The datapack guys have also been very busy lately, updating the wiki site, located @

snow & the Datapack team

Anzel Update

Hi there folks, next tuesday the 8th I'll be starting a new project here at work. I'll be at a new client site so I'm not sure how much I'll be on during the day. I'll still be around though after work, etc.

My Crazy Monkey Kung Fu is teh pwn

A Rant.

I'm kinda tired of it really....

Today we got a little message, stating the usual "You should be nicer to us!"

Let me let you in on a little secret, especially those who have hate towards me....

On an average, I will squelch someone (thats a 3 day temporary ban) every 2-3 days. I've just now gotten the power to ban people, and over the 8 months since the forums have been up, there is a total of MAYBE 15 names in the ban list. Where as I had a hand in a large chunk of these, lets look at other statistics:

-Some of those bans are from people using a new name, but are the same person (we IP ban them usually after that)

-Some squelches are for not reading what the Frequently Asked Questions answer.

-Some bans are for bringing up issues in IRC onto the forums, such as bans there. We've held a firm belief that bans on IRC wont get transfered to the forums unless you bring it up there.

I'm sure i've said this before, I know I did recently when I went onto the SOE forums for a while (the post has since been deleted, never knew why though...) and had to deal with people using my name to start rumors. Its these people I ban, and for good reason too? Would you like to follow every single rumor that goes around?

Of course not.

So here I am, tired of being called the bad guy, because other people who ARE the bad guys want to start a thousand hate rumors.